Monday, April 02, 2007

Do I have a problem?

...yeah, so I bought some yarn recently...

Okay, I'm bad, I know! It is all sock yarn, so I'm not breaking the rules, but I think I've been using it as an excuse to buy truckloads more sock yarn than I need or will ever use-! Also, I've noticed I shop more when work gets busier (7 operas, 2 rehearsals and one recording session in the last 6 days...)

Going clockwise from the top: those 3 variegated skeins are Wool Dancer, from Australia, followed by Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the "Steelhead" colorway, a skein of A Piece of Vermont, Opal, more Opal, 2 skeins of Fearless Fibers (like the colors, but the yarn was damp when it arrived). In the center is a cotton/elastic yarn from Greenwood Fiberworks flanked on either side by some Lorna's Laces.

Good thing these books arrived, so I can attempt to make a dent in my mammoth sock yarn stash.

I finished the Broadripple socks! They fit my friend perfectly. (Side note: this same friend once came over to my apartment and saw my gigantic tower of a yarn collection. It was taller than her. She was speechless with shock for about a week. I think the experience has scarred her, because she's never been able to look at me the same again.)


  1. I recognize that pattern well: busy? stressed? More Sock Yarn.
    I too used the "this will help me use my stash" excuse for sock-book buying.
    Nice choices, too... I especially love the Wool Dancer. Hope you like the Bearfoot!

  2. Sock yarn good, books, good, socks fantastic! I almost bought some orange and brown Opal, like you have. I thought they looked great, but I didn't find anything else, and the shipping would have been too much. Pity! With all those wonderful yarns and books, you'll make the best socks ever!!!

  3. That sock yarn is impressive. Nicely done!

  4. The thing with sock yarn is that you always know just how much you need. It's too easy.

  5. thanks for the comments on my blog!

    having just finished my first pair of socks, i am looking at sock yarn in an entirely new light. it is no longer off-limits. : ) all of yours is so very pretty! i really like the socks for your friend, too.

  6. Yummy - the sock yarn you got looks totally awesome, all those amazing colours! And the books! They're both high up on my "Have to get" list - I'm sure you're going to enjoy them big time!
    Your socks look absolutely awesome - what a great pattern, and the colour is just so perfectly happy and cheerful! Great work!

  7. All of your sock yarn is'll be very busy for quite some time. Good thing you got some new sock books too :)
    I love your finished socks - great pattern. I'm in love with that color blue...just beautiful!

    happy knitting :)