Saturday, November 07, 2009

Back from Hibernation

I'm really quite embarrassed that it has been over a year since I last blogged!  I don't really know how to explain my falling off the planet; I was starting to get burnt out on knitblogging, I was totally stressed out because the place where I work was threatening to not exist anymore (it's still sort of a cross-your-fingers-and-see sort of situation), then mix in the fact that Ravelry (wonderful though it is) became a surrogate blog-substitute, and well, poof!

Many apologies to those who wondered what became of me, and I will try to slowly get back into blog reading and posting once in a while...

What got me interested in coming back was a combination of knit/crochet designing and opening my own Etsy store (  The knitwear store was in response to the many requests I'd get from people asking me to make things for them.  Since I obviously can't sell stuff from other peoples' patterns, I had to come up with some designs of my own.  Then, a curious thing happened: I started getting messages from knitters and crocheters wanting to buy my patterns.  

(and soon at my Etsy store) 

Now, the other reason I wanted to blog again, unfortunately, is a vent:  I had some unpleasant experiences with this whole designing thing.  This cap was originally a free pattern.  Then some people decided to ignore my copyright and terms of usage and sold hats made from my patterns.  Although I was able to work things out with these people, I must say it's not a fun experience and I don't wish it on anyone!  I spent many hours on my patterns so people would enjoy making them for their own personal enjoyment.  I assumed people realized copyright laws prohibit things like people using your patterns to make things for sale, or that changing one or two things in a pattern does not give you the right to call it yours.  Most people do understand these things, but I was really surprised that there were people who didn't...  So... those of you who are excited about sharing your patterns with the world - be prepared for the occasional headache ;)

Nevertheless, I won't give up on designing so easily!  This is a sneak peek of a pattern I still have to write up (I don't use charts but feel other knitters might like to use them?)  Once I figure out how to do that this puppy should be up on my Ravelry store:

Climbing Leaves

(shown on left in Dream in Color Classy, and on the right in Karabella Aurora 8)

Well, I'm off to play an opera, so I must go and dig out some black clothes... and bring candy for intermission!