Monday, May 26, 2008

Quick Blurb

My apologies for suddenly having disappeared from blog-land; my mother recently had knee replacement surgery and so I've been in California the last few weeks helping her with her recovery. There has been a lot for me to do around the house, and very little free time as a result. I miss reading everyone's blogs-! Luckily my mother has started feeling better the last few days, so I'm looking forward to finally catching up on some reading :) Woohoo!

Before leaving for California, I managed to churn out a couple of knits:

Lacy Flower Sweater
yarn: Rowan Handknit Cotton in "Mango Fool" (great name, huh?)

...for some reason I'm having trouble linking to the free pattern:

There are errata in the edging: it's supposed to be 14 (16:18:19). The instructions are a bit confusing because there are several different ways they ask for a Yarn Over. If you ever knit this, just do a regular YO every time. I modified the shape into a bit of an A-Line with some flair by decreasing under the arms to a 20" chest circumference.

Child's Cable Jumper
yarn: Katia Diana in a seafoam green

Pretty sure there's an errata in this one too, for the 18mo size; the cast on number of stitches is correct, but the subsequent rows have one too many stitches on the second half of the jumper (there is a P4 that should be a P3.) Both halves of the round should be symmetrical, in other words.

Used for a 60 year old bottle of Madeira which was a B-day gift for a 60 year old friend. I used the bobble and leaf patterns included in the instructions, but assembled them into one big grape cluster. Modified to knit in the round. I had to go up a couple of needle sizes for the base; it kept turning out way too small. :(