Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bon Voyage Hats!

It was recently suggested to me that I join Kristy's Quest, where as many hats as possible were to be knitted and crochetted so that Kristy could take them to orphanages in the Ukraine, where it's extremely cold and the indoor heating is pretty unreliable. The deadline was Sept. 5th, so I've been busy churning out hats like a maniac the last few weeks. I made 9 total.

4 basic crochetted hats (improvised pattern)

3 smaller crochetted hats (bottom center has a lining),
an improvised cable hat and an Elizabeth Zimmerman Maltese Hat.

...and then this one came about, but it was too small to send (baby size). So, I wrote out the pattern, and here it is:

Mini Muffin Hat

...and then I wanted an adult sized one, but a little different, and for self-striping yarn and I came up with:

Rook Hat
pictured hats made with Noro Kureyon (left) and SWTC Karaoke (right)
1. Free Ravelry Download
2. On my Free Patterns Page

...and finally, of course, I ended up wanting a matching, reversible scarf...

Rook Scarf

There is more knitting and crochetting going on that I can't blog about yet, and one more free pattern coming soon (crochetted newsboy cap)!