Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Contest Time!

Okay, here it is:

I need a vacation. I have been working like mad for several months. The thing is, I haven't been on many I need your help! Please leave a comment in this post telling me one of your favorite vacation spots, and what you liked most about it.

The contest ends on Tuesday April 17th at midnight. On Wednesday, I'll put everyone's name in a hat, and randomly choose a winner.

The prize: 2 skeins of Regia Cotton Color (#5407) 41% superwash wool, 34% cotton and 25% polyamide. Perfect for warm weather sock knitting!

Thanks, and Good Luck!


  1. Myu favorite vacation spot was Jamaica...I had tons of fun there and there was a bar in the pool that you just swam up to and ordered can you beat that?! LMAO!!

  2. I've been to Isla Mujeres, its in Mexico, just a fairy ride from Cancun. While I would not like Cancun, this little island was perfect! It's small and beautiful. There are almost no cars, you can get around by foot or bike.You can scuba dive, there's other stuff too, it never got boring, but as long as there's water, no matter which kind, nearby, I'm in heaven. ;o)

  3. I've scarcely been on vacation either, and my very favourite spot to go is New York, so that hardly helps you!!!

    The NEXT favourite place was in Quebec, along the St.Lawrence. There are beaches to relax on (not too warm, mind you!), there are mountains to climb, there are whales to watch. You get to explore the Quebecois culture a little bit, and there's everything from great restaurants to great hikes.

  4. In the states, Seattle is a great vacation spot! Friendly people, interesting & diverse sites, good food, several nice yarn shops!

    My most recent vacation which was ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS, & one I'd been dreaming of for many many years - AUSTRALIA!!!!

  5. Anonymous1:14 PM

    One of my favorite vacation spots is the Bay Area. I like to stay outside San Fran, some place like Vallejo, and then take the ferry to the city. If I just want rest and relaxation I head to the beach (Oregon coast). I stay at an inn on the beach so I do not have to drive anywhere, and I just relax and let time stretch out.

    Punkin in Oregon

  6. I have two...Peurto Rico is very nice. Not too far away, but still feels very Carribian. The ocean is pretty, the beaches are nice, and there are many great restaurants in San Juan. There are also casinos and gambling if you're into that sort of thing. The other place I'd reccomend is Costa Rica. I've been there twice and on one trip I was all over the country on a music tour. The Pacific coast is my favorite.

  7. Diana3:23 PM

    One of my favorites was Jost Van Dyke, one of the British Virgin Islands. It's perfect if you just want to sit on the beach (not so good if you're into 'doing' on vacation).
    BTW, I came over from the sockknitters list. I've made the same Regia Jacquard socks as you have in your 'Socks #5 and 6' post!

  8. My favorite is Surfside Beach, (south of Myrtle Beach) South Carolina :) We stayed right near the ocean. The warm water and pristine beaches have spoiled me forever :) (Cape Cod just doesn't do it fro me anymore.)Just don't go peak hurricane times! We've been 3 times and the first time we had to evacuate because of Hugo. Very relaxing which is my kind of vacation.

    good luck finding the perfect vacation spot for you :)

  9. We don't usually take vacations. They cost money and that's something we just don't have. My family seldom took vacations when I was a child, as well. My mother just didn't like going anywhere. That being said, from my limited experience my favorite vacation spot is Galveston, TX. It's not as expensive as some of the more popular spots, plus I love the history of the Island.

  10. Carol Segal ( PM

    The easy, easy, easiest vacation in the world is a week or two at an All-Inclusive resort. Not too expensive, either. You don't have to do anything (but knit) except get to the airport on time. I've only been to Mexico, but since you are on the East Coast, you have many more options than I do...
    p.s. What's in the Matzia?

  11. it's all about florida! haha, sorry. had to show some love for my state! : )

    the best vacation i took was to honolulu... it's absolutely gorgeous! the views are beautiful, the ocean is so blue, it's green and lush, AND there's a four-story mall! what more could you ask for?! : )

  12. Trying my hand at falconry at The Equinox in Manchester VT. Excellent resort, beautiful town, and the chance to hold a red tail hawk - perfection.

    pics here!

  13. My fave vacation spot? Well, this has to be Kenya! The Indian Ocean there is absolutely awesome (and warm as in a bath tub), but the most stunning experience has definitely been the photo safari we did to the Amboseli- and the Maasai Mara (Serengeti) National Park. Seeing this absolutely breathtaking nature, smelling it, seeing all those wild animals in their natural habitat and yet being so close to them... it's hard to describe what I felt and experienced there, but I can honestly say that I will never ever forget a single minute of that trip. Perhaps you'll get the chance to go to Africa one day too - it'll be like a trip to some totally different era and to a place so different to anything else you've seen before... You'd love it, I'm absolutely sure about that!

  14. i love hawaii-almost any island. i can stand oahu (and honolulu) for just a couple of days. there are some wonderful places to visit. but i prefer time on one of the other islands. molokai is great if you really want to just relax. kauai has a bit more going but is still relaxing. my favorite island is still maui-wowie.

    love the food, weather, and the unbelievable sunrises and sunsets!

  15. That's easy, Scotland. It's just beautiful and wonderful and everyone should go there.

  16. Newfoundland, Canada! Great scenery, great people, great music and completely different anywhere else in North America.

    Don't believe me? Go here:

  17. Most of my vacations have just been to visit relatives, but one that wasn't (and that was fun) was Vancouver Island. I liked being around the ocean and the forest, and when I went it wasn't too crowded.

  18. OK, I have to say that I grew up on Cape Cod and I can safely say that it is way overrated as a vacation place. It's a place where people allegedly go to escape PEOPLE... and then they sit in a five-hour traffic jam. I won't get started but I'll say that I do NOT recommend Cape Cod.

    My favorite vacation was staying in a cottage on an island in a lake in the Adirondacks. Very isolated and peaceful.