Wednesday, April 18, 2007

...and the winner is...

First of all, thank you everyone for your wonderful vacation suggestions (and links!) My bf and I really appreciate the ideas you gave us; there are enough potential vacations in there for several years!

I also had a great time visiting all your blogs; some new ones there that I'm happy to know about! I've been swamped with work this week, but I promise to visit and comment on your blogs soon!

Here is the hat with the names on the papers...

To make it as fair as possible, I enlisted the help of my lovely assistant...

...and the name he pulled out...

Dipsy, of Dipsy Doodle!

Congratulations!!!!! Please send me your name and snail mail address so I can send you your prize!!! (my email is

(p.s. to answer "Ladybird" about what's in the Matzia: it's 2 sheets of matzah cracked into bits, you add some water, and when when the matzah bits are soft, squeeze out the water. Add 2 eggs, a pinch of salt, and mix. Add oil to a pan and spread mix into the pan like you would an omelette. I'm told it's traditionally served with apple sauce, and is also called matza brai.)

Thank you all for playing!!! I have a blogiversary in a couple of months, and will be giving away some prizes for that as well.


  1. Dipsy Doodle is a lucky girl! She just won at my Blogiversary contest! ;o)I do it the same way, but I like your presentation of it! ;o)
    Thanks for your comments by the way! Hannah will have a blog in the future, where she will share her art (paintings) and knitting, I'm sure.

  2. Wow, I'm at a lucky streak these days! Doing the Dipsy Doodle Dance here - that yarn is sooo gorgeous! Thank you Sophia, and thanks to your great assistant!

  3. Congratulations Dipsy!!

    happy knitting :)