Friday, April 06, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

Edible Eye Candy: I woke up this morning and my bf had made me this "Matzia" for breakfast. It's topped with Dulce de Leche...I love that stuff...yum...

The impossible can be possible: I managed to score one skein of Yarn Pirate sock yarn!!! Once her store is updated, the yarn sells out in a couple of seconds, so I would rate Yarn Pirate yarns as difficult to obtain as Vesper yarns. I'm hoping to one day get some Yarntini as's also pretty hard to come by.

Since everyone seems to like these new Lace Addi's so much, I thought I'd give them a try too. I'm planning on knitting socks with the size 2 47" ones; I'm curious how comfortable they'll be...
Oh, and...
My next post will have a contest! Details soon! (as I promised, it won't be music-related)


  1. Chocolate for breakfast...yummy and yummy socks yarn, too.

    happy knitting with those speedy new needles :)

  2. Wow, clearly your bf is a keeper! I'm jealous of your Yarn Pirate... I've managed to acquire a skein of Vesper, but never any Yarntini either.
    I'll be back for that contest, music or not!!!
    Hope you're having a good long weekend.

  3. Your breakfast looks delicious! Can I have some? The yarn makes me envious, such lovely colors. And the needles, I'm loving them. Still knitting on my triangular shawl with addi lace, don't want to use the other ones any more (but have to). ;o)

  4. that breakfast definitely looks yummy and so does the yarn! : )

  5. Yummy! My gosh, chocolate for breakfast - is there anything better? Well, maybe your new yarn - what an awesome colourway, and it seems as if it'd be pure heaven to knit with! Enjoy!