Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dishcloth Diversions

First of all, many apologies for being so invisible lately; I'm going to Korea on a tour next week with an orchestra, and the rehearsals are keeping me waaaaay busy.

Meanwhile, you can see my current obsession piled atop the Lozenge Socks pattern. (I'm not UFO-ing those socks, but I needed to knit something fast on bigger needles. Mental thing.)

A friend of mine collects all things Squirrel. The famous Ballband (middle one) is from this book, but I added extra sts on the sides and did a couple rounds of crochet on the edge.

My friend's baby has started eating solid food, and my poor friend shows up to work with splotches of stuff on her shirts. I'm hoping these bibs will help, but I may have to make a burp cloth as well.

A pair of really orange dishcloths. I saw the music notes one on Hakucho's blog, and had to have one too!


  1. Nice work! I have an expecting friend and plan to make a couple of those flower petal bibs. That music note dishcloth is awfully cute too -- could make good gifts!

  2. Love your bibs and dishcloth, especially the colors you choose! Good luck in Korea! It's a great job when you get to travel around the world.

  3. ooooh, bibs and dishcloths! they all look great!

    have a great time on your tour in Korea, too! : )

  4. I love the music notes dishcloth! Is that single crochet around the edge? Now that I've figured out how to crochet, I can do fun things like that.

  5. Love all your cloths! There is something special about knitting cloths...very addictive, too. You can't knit just one. I love how you used a contrasting color to frame the musical note cloth...sets it off nicely. Those bibs are wonderful...I LOVE them...looks like I just may need another knitting book!!

    Have a wondeful time in Korea. Hope you get to see the sights. (and take lots of pictures and tells us all about it :) )
    happy knitting :)

  6. Oh, lucky you for being able to go to Korea, how great is that?!
    I really love all these cloths that you've been doing - the patterns as well as the colors you chose look so fantastic - especially the one with the music notes! And the bibs rock big time too, so cute!

  7. Everything looks great!