Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is there a "socknitters' block" like there is a "writers' block"?

Okay, I'm currently working on a pair of Broadripple socks from Knitty. This is for the same friend who has moth problems in her house, so I am using Cascade Fixation, as is called for in the pattern, because it has no wool. Just cotton and elastic.

I'm having some issues with the heel; I'm afraid it will be too baggy for her...she's very pettite, and wears a (get this) size 4 1/2 to 5 shoe. (Socknitters dream, no?)

While I wait until tonight so I can try these socks on her, I dug these out of the dark recesses of my UFO bag to work on: Gentleman's Lozenge Socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks.

These are for my father, who wears a size 12, so these will take much, much longer...


  1. Wow, those look great! I especially love the Gentleman's lozenge socks! What yarn are you using for them?

  2. It all evens out in the end! ;o) I like both colores you use for these socks. The broadripple I haven't done yet, but lately I see them all over and I want to make them too. Do you think they are a better fit than the Jaywalkers, which are always too tight at the leg? The Gentleman's socks are very manly, I like the cuff.

  3. I can't believe that you can knit two at a time with such tricky patterns. That is amazing.

  4. My gosh, these socks look awesome - both pairs of them actually, but I'm particularly in love with the Gentleman's Lozenge Socks. This must be one of the most awesome patterns that I've seen for long - man, I *so* need to get that book!

  5. The blue socks are fabulous...such a glorious color!!

    You Dad's sock are beautiful too. Very interesting pattern...not your run of the mill socks :)

    happy knitting :)

  6. They looks so great on the sock blockers that it makes me want to run out and get some right away.