Monday, March 19, 2007

Socks #5 and #6

Here, finally, is a pic of my bf modelling his new socks! I tried doing the purl bind off on these toe-up socks, and it was way too tight! I ended up doing the sewn cast off, and it worked great! Some day, I'll do the kitchener bind-off, but for now, it seems so fussy to me...

I loved working with this Fleece Artist merino sock yarn, and I had a good amount left over (he wears men's size 10-10.5).

Oh, and I was also knitting some mindless plain vanilla socks during concert intermissions last week...

I used an afterthought heel because I didn't want to disrupt the pattern too much. These socks were toe-up as well.
Yes, I am one of those crazy people who has to have the stripes match...
The yarn is Regia self-patterning. There were a couple of annoying things about this yarn:
1) there was a knot, and it didn't reconnect in the same color sequence...I undid it and found the right place to re-tie it, but luckily, I finished the socks before I got to the knot. *whew*
2) the sections where the stripes are supposed to be solid colors (especially the orange and pink parts) were peppered with white chunks of undyed yarn (looked like a printer running out of ink).

I do like the colors a lot, and I've knit with other Regia Jaquard that didn't have these problems, so I hope the skein I had was just a dud. Again, I had a ton of yarn left over, which is good (I'm size 9.5 narrow).


  1. Both pairs look like fine handmade, wonderful socks! And it is nice to have the stripes match (but if not, it's not the end of the world to me) What's amazing it, that you do the afterthought heel on your own free will! ;o) Isn't picking up the stitches gruesome?

  2. These socks rock big time - both pairs! And I'm absolutely impressed by your afterthought heel, it looks awesome and so professional!
    Strange about this Regia yarn - I wonder what was wrong with this skein and if this happens with more yarns by them?

  3. gorgeous socks! The hell looks fabulous. I, too, need my stripes to match, btw.