Friday, March 23, 2007

Eye Candy Fri+ Wee Contest

I thought I'd share with you what it looks like where I work...

This is the most heinously arm-cramping excerpt of an opera I played last night. It is CRAZY fast. I used my meteronome, and I can confidently say each measure equals 60. For you non-music folks, that means I have to one second to play each measure. (In this example, there are about 2 measures per line. All 4 pages (including the rests) take 68 seconds to play.

THE CONTEST: Be the first person to leave a comment giving me the name of the composer of this piece, and you win this skein of "Fortissima" Sock Yarn.

(hint: he's Italian)
Good Luck!


  1. ROSSINI!!!
    (la Donna, no?)
    Do I have an unfair advantage?

  2. Anonymous12:40 PM

    well, I haven't a clue. But commenting 'cause I JUST STARTED TAKING PIANO LESSONS! Have had 4 lessons! At the ripe old age of --- let's just say 'pretty ripe' :-). But you know what they say, to keep the brain from getting too foggy try to continue learning something new! So last year I learned to knit; this year it's piano (oh, & of course, new knitting techniques continue!).

    I just C A N N O T imagine playing what you posted! WOW to you!

  3. To anonymous: kudos to you for learning the piano! I played for a little while too, and it's so much harder because you're dealing with 2 clefs!

  4. After seing my son's high school orchestra play some really fast (.... I was watching the violins and violas vey closely) pieces the other night and knowing that is what you do all the time...I am in such great awe of you!! :)

  5. no idea but boy am I impressed!