Saturday, July 22, 2006

Izzard and STR

I'm calling this my Izzard Green Lettuce Bag, because I knit it last night while watching British comic and transvestite Eddie Izzard. He literally had me in stitches (go ahead, groan at the bad joke)!

I did a little lettuce-like patterning along the border this time. It made the opening less flexible, but I figure it won't matter unless I want to fit a watermelon in there or something. I wanted to take this to the local farmer's market today, but it's looking pretty grey outside...darn...

I didn't like how the carried along yarns looked like on the inside of the bag, so I covered them up by slip stitching and double crochetting along the inside border. It looks cleaner and it blends alright with the garter stitch pattern. I used Sugar n' Cream colors "hot green" and "cream". Otherwise, the pattern is the same as here. I've never linked to myself on this blog; hope it works.

Oh, and this came in the mail looks fun, but I have way too many projects OTN right now, so this probably won't get knitted for a while. The last STR kit I got also had festive colors. I like festive, but I wonder if they'll send something darker at some point.

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