Saturday, August 05, 2006

Way too friggin hot

It has been waaaaaaaay too hot to knit anything of note. I feel like I've been living in the exhaust pipe of a car running on diesel. The subways have been disgusting. On the worst day of the heat wave, I somehow had to pull it all together and look purty for TV for Live from Lincoln Center. I did get some closeups, so it was worth it I guess. :)

I finished the log cabin blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I did a different border; a few rows of single crochet followed by picot edging. I'm looking forward to curling up under this blanket when the weather gets cooler.

In need of a new dishcloth, I made this following a pattern from Criminy Jickets blog.
I crochetted the edge here too. Then I chained 10 to create a loop, and then sc'd in the loop as many times as it would fit.

I'm going for the Mason-Dixon ballband dishcloth next. I'm a bit stuck in the color combos I want to use. I have to promise myself to get to my UFO's after my kitchenalia addiction subsides.


  1. Looks good -- I like the loop!

  2. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Your blanket is gorgeous! The colors are so beautiful.

    Cool dishcloth, too...I'm envious that you can crochet. :-)

  3. You do lovely work. I'll be back to visit. Love your Log Cabin blanket!