Saturday, August 19, 2006

Some Assembly Required

Luckily for me, the baby might come later than expected, so I have a little time to sew this together, block it, finish the matching hat, and see if I have leftovers for booties.

My summer job has been keeping me busier than I expected, so it's been hard to find the time to knit and post. The good thing about this week's concert program is that there is an extra long intermission for the orchestra, giving me a whole hour to knit on the couch in the orchestra lounge. But then, of course, curious people come over and want to talk and ask questions about what I'm knitting. I appreciate their interest, but I can't knit at all when I'm in a conversation. Anyone have tricks about getting around this situation? Thanks in advance!


  1. This baby jacket is sooooooooooo cute! What yarn did you use?

  2. Oh, this is so absolutely adorable! I love the pattern as well as this beautiful yarn that you've been using!

  3. Hi Violiknit!
    The socks on my blog where made with a pattern which looks wonderful with variegated yarn. It did not come out as good with my self dyed yarn, but that's O.K. I will make this pattern again with the right yarn. Have a look here I've got the pattern from this blog. I love her colorway. It's just a K2tog, YO, K6 around and around.