Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yeah, I know, more hats...

...but the thing is, the bf's father was visiting from out of the country, and it turned out both my bf's dad and mom wanted me to knit them hats. I understood this to be the case 2 days before the end of the visit...hahaha...

Knitting at every opportunity: on the icky subway despite getting acosted by a deranged homeless guy (yep, Kate, I got me a GoKnit pouch! Thanks for the idea!), through concert intermissions and the piano concerto I didn't have to play in, and into the wee hours of the night when SSK and PSSO and all those things blur in the mind to create lovely little frogs that totally mess with my knitting rhythm...

...I was able to finish the Aran Watch Cap from Charlene Schurch's Hats On!
Oh, and if any of you ever want to make this hat, there is a MISTAKE in the pattern. It only gives you the cable instruction for one set of cables (the second set), although in the illustrations, it clearly shows the cables going in opposite directions. I actually reversed my cables because I wasn't paying attention. My concentration got totally spent on the yarn-over tubular cast-on.

I also just finished (like, 15 minutes ago) Grumperina's Odessa hat. One of my most fave free knitting patterns ever.


  1. Great speed knitting! Way to go! And glad you like the go-knit. I know it changed my life!

  2. Thanks on the heads up for the Aran Hat! Yours looks great, by the way. I like the edging. My daughter was looking over my shoulder just now, and she likes the Odessa hat, and LOVES the monster hat (since I love it too, I had to show her)!

  3. Both of those hats are beautiful. I love aran knitting :) Are those beads in the odessa hat? Just lovely...I must try knitting with beads...someday!
    happy knitting :)

  4. You're knitting the most beautiful hats, really - and so quickly, wow, that's truly amazing! I love both of them, they look fantastic, and so warm and soft!