Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Following the instructions for recycling at the back of Montse Stanley's Knitters Handbook, I embarked upon my most major frogging experience ever.

One of my earliest projects: a hat and scarf for the bf. The hat didn't fit him so well, and the scarf was too wide, so they weren't worn. Also, the yarn was full of twigs and splinters, and I naively thought back then that such things would fall out with washing (they don't).

Then I found a half of a vest meant for my Dad that I had abandoned because it was too small. (Gauge? What's that?)

All tied off and looking like moss green ramen noodles...

Washed and hung to dry in the shower...

What I used for weights...


  1. You have ambition!! Not sure I'd be up for that kind of project, but the results are beautiful :) What are you going to make with your recycled yarn??

    happy knitting :)

  2. Oy! But, definitely a clever idea!