Saturday, February 24, 2007

I need to study!

These came in the mail today: Sweater Workshop (I paid the extra $2 for the spiral-bound edition.) and Scandinavian Knitting.

I bought the Sweater Workshop because it is supposed to explain the Elizabeth Zimmerman Percentage System in a more user-friendly way. The fact is, I have sweater phobia. Of the two adult-sized sweaters I've knit, the first one was a total Frankenstein, and the second one, although wearable, was made with Lamb's Pride Bulky. It has mohair. Turns out that stuff sheds a ton, which is great if you consider mohair to be a necessary part of your dietary fiber because you will undoubtedly swallow lots of it as it flies into your mouth. *yuck*

Aside from some beautiful charts and patterns, the Scandinavian Knitting book had this one really cute picture of this girl knitting socks on a mountain top. Isn't her expression great?
(...and check out those clogs!)

I got an email from Sweet Georgia saying no new yarn will be produced for 6 months to a year due to travelling. I freaked out and scored this stuff here and here.


  1. I'm totally calm about sweet gorgia yarns, because I've got some really nice stuff in my stash! ;o)
    The pic of the girl is nice, did you see the caption of the picture? Like that.
    By the way, I'm not using my SG yarn for socks anymore. I made a pair with the color coffee bean and they look like road kill and pilled a lot and felted and they look soooo bad now. :o( But there's other stuff one can knit with this beautiful yarn.

  2. I'm not wild about knitting sweaters either. Never quite know how they'll fit. I do have yarn for an EZ sweater/jacket that I'll get to hopefully soon. Your SG yarn is so pretty, lucky girl :)

    happy knitting :)

  3. These two books seem to be so interesting - and that pic of the little girl really cracked me up, her expression is such a scream!
    And oh, such goodie yarn - I absolutely love these colourways!