Friday, January 19, 2007

Yarn Diet vs Yarn Fast

First off, for Eye Candy Friday...
Sock Bug "Julia" that I bought at Sockdiva's Etsy store. This bag is large enough to hold a sock project+, and is way cute.

I, like many, have too much yarn. If I knit and felt it all, I could probably make a house, with maybe some leftovers for felted furniture. I'm more of a yarn collector than a knitter (more monster than human!). I know I'd never be able to totally resist buying yarn; yarn fasting is just plain cruel. However, I need to save money, and yarn dieting sounds less extreme. SO...barring any unforseen events (like a one-of-a-kind treasure), I'm gonna try to stick with buying one to two projects worth of yarn per month. (Project cannot be the size of a knitted house...)

On to the shopping damage for January:

Really adorable buttons with a cat playing the cello.

Sweet Georgia Speed Demon sock yarn in "Firefly". Got this stuff at the Point.

I have to make 4 dickeys (seriously, who came up with this name???). These are the Trickey Dickeys (.....) from E.Z.'s Knitting Around.

I am knitting these with Lion Brand Microspun. 100% Acryllic. Sigh... because I knit these last year for the same friend and her family. I used merino wool, which the moths in her house found delicious. Let's hope the moths don't mutate into radioactive acryllic eaters. Otherwise, I might have to learn how to spin fiberglass into yarn. Ouch.


  1. You lucky girl, for finding such an adorable little bag! The buttons are a great find as well! Seeing your Dickeys, reminds me, that I wanted to do a Beethoven one some time ago. Forgot all about it! It's a pity about the moth!

  2. I have too much yarn, too. I had everything pulled out the other day and my son had the nerve to say..."it will take you 20 years to knit all that!" What does he know?... you can't have too much yarn. :) I do think I have to go on a yarn diet though!
    That's a very cute bug bag.
    Love your dickey's...that's something you don't see too much of now a days - handknitted or not!

    happy knitting :)

  3. I love that bag. I've been eyeing those forever. I think you may have just pushed me over the edge.

  4. Yummy - such a lot of goodies that you got for yourself! These buttons are so beautiful, and the yarn is to die for! And what an awesome bag, it seems to be just the perfect one - ahhh, I think I'll need one too, desperately ;)

  5. I wonder if those CUTE buttons aren't "the cat playing the fiddle" from hey diddle, diddle. A cello would be much larger ;-}