Tuesday, January 16, 2007

...more hats...

Okay, knitting mojo still in the funk, but hat knitting mojo is seemingly unaffected...

Maltese Fisherman's hat from Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitter's Almanac".

I made one of these before with some bulky merino, and it looked cool, but very helmet-y. In came Mom, (once upon a time fashion designer) with the suggestion I try it in ribbon. In this example I used 1 skein of Tilli Tomas Cleopatra. 100% silk ribbon with glass beads. It had to work with one skein. No way I was going to buy another one; ouch!$!$!

So....I made some modifications...
Needle size 11; getting about 2 st to 1". I knit loose.
CO'd 30 sts.
Knit 6 rows instead of 10.
Started ear shaping rows with K13 (not K17), continued with K11, K back, etc. down to K7.
2 rows after the "Ear-shaping finished", I K13, (M1, K1) 4 times (instead of 6), K13 = 34 sts.
I cast on 8sts for the front; total 42 sts.
K 12 rounds for hat depth.
Decreased like this: (K4, K2tog) around. K 1 row even. (K3, K2tog). K 1 row. etc. Last row is K2tog around = 7sts. Draw through.

I had a little yarn left, so I single crochetted a row around the face. Tied leftovers at bottom of earflaps for ribbon-tassle effect.

In other news....the Insubordiknit monster hat made it to Sweden.


  1. Wow, I'll bet EZ never imagined it in ribbon, but I'll bet she'd love it! Very creative!

    I still love the monster hat...

  2. Great job on your new hat! Looks great! I love the picture of your friend with your hat! The only thing bothering me is, that the hat didn't get where it was supposed to go, to Canada into my mail box!!! ;o)

  3. You're the major hat knitter, that's for sure! This fisherman's one looks particularly beautiful, and what an awesome yarn you've been using for it! Great!
    Your friend seems to be so happy with her monster hat, and it really does look amazing!

  4. Love your hats! I have knitter's almanac...I'm going to have to take a second look...your version is wonderful!

    happy knitting :)

  5. That is a lovely take on the hat - so uniquely yours!