Monday, January 15, 2007


No, really, it's been quite blah if I came back to New York only to find I had left my knitting mojo back in Cali.

What do you do to get out of such a slump?

Anyway, I made a second hat from Stitch Diva. I didn't like the felted brim so I made a 2 layer knitted one. (Anything thinner and it doesn't hold up.) Added a belt and buttons too. Hats this style are all the rage here in NYC, so of course, fashionista that I am, I needed one too! This hat took less than one skein of Morehouse Merino Bulky. I've noticed they've started putting up a free pattern du jour on their site.

Some seriously decadent yarn pron: Tilli Tomas Rock Star and Pure & Simple in colorway Jade. I hope I will have the discipline to someday make this into the famed SKB.


  1. That Jade color is great. I'd like to make the SKB myself, but I can't bring myself to buy the Tili Tomas. I saw the Rock Star in a store the other day and I worried that the beads would be hard to knit with. I guess I could always make it in another yarn...

  2. Gasp! SKB is fantastic. I'll add it to my list...
    As for getting out of a slump, I found digging through the stash was a good inspiration -- helped me to remember all the awesome projects I was once so excited about. I have a million things I want to knit right now!!!

  3. Oh, but this beautiful hat doesn't look at all as if you've left your knitting mojo in Cali! ;) It's gorgeous, absolutely - what a great design, and the colour of the yarn is just perfect!
    I also adore the new yarn you got, the Jade colour of it is so luscious and yummy - looking forward to seeing what you're going to make with it!

  4. All (including the ones in your previous post) of your hats are fantastic! Can't wait to see your SKB, the yarn is so pretty :)
    happy knitting :)