Friday, October 06, 2006

Entertaining Eye Candy Friday

Okay, so you see this guy while you're taking a walk in the forest.
Do you...
a) run away
b) laugh hysterically
c) try to figure out the pattern on those socks
d) hit on him?
(this pic is from CM's "A Man's Handmades" by Viola Sylbert)

Okay, I don't quite know how to feel about this one. There is another pic with golf club covers in this mag too. (from Spinnerin "The Knitting Racket")

Well...I suppose this wouldn't totally give you hat head in the winter...

I just thought these guys were cute. I wonder if you could fill them with something heavy and use them as doorstops?
(the last 2 pics were Coats and Clarks patterns)


  1. I'm laughing tears here ;) As for the guy - well, I'd vote for b, I'd be rolling on the ground in tears if he'd be standing in front of me like that! ;)
    These tennis racket covers - well, they DO look good I'd say, though I wonder whoever would want to be caught on the court with them? But the Head Hugger! The Head Hugger! *Laughs hysterically* Thanks for posting all those pics, they're truly a scream! ;)

  2. Holy cow. I LOVE that picture. LOVE IT. Can't stop laughing... the very serious expression on his face is killer, as his goofy hat falls jauntily down over one side there. The fanny-pack really pushes it over the top for me. Not to mention the hand-on-hip "maybe if you had socks like this you would walk faster" pose. Thanks for the giggle.