Thursday, June 29, 2006


My first installment of the Sundara Yarn sock club arrived today! The yarn is soooooo gorgeous!!!!

The sock club is called the Petals Collection because the yarn colors are inspired by flowers that are in bloom during the month you receive your package. This time it's the Calla Lily.

The package was charmingly wrapped: both the tissue paper and the envelope that contained the pattern match the colors of the yarn (which I'm totally loving). Note the cute little blue lollipop that was included! The presentation definitely gets an A+++!

The pattern looks lovely as well; it's hard to see on the pic, but there's a lace motif going down the back of the leg. It includes instructions for dpns, 2 circs and magic loop, and it has already been test knitted. Wow.

Also, I'm very allergic to cats, and Sundara keeps the yarns destined for customers with cat allergies in a special area where cats aren't allowed. I don't know anyone else who does this and I'm so grateful!

To be frank, fiber is important and everything, but color is the #1 consideration for me when selecting yarn; it could be made from the magical mane of a friggin' unicorn, but it means nothing to me if it has been dyed the color of yuck with shades and stripes of blech and ewww interspersed. (You've seen those colors; you know what I'm talking about.) This is why I get soooo excited when I see gorgeous and well balanced color combos. I just get that magical look in my eye and my bf knows he's going to have to wrestle my wallet from me before I buy more yarn. My excuse that yarn makes good insulation doesn't work anymore... Anyone have any good ones? if I needed to take this knitting thing even further...

Yes, I'm going to try to learn spinning! Armed with some internet sources, part of a book, and advice from my Yahoo groups, I'm going to go for it! The spindle was made by Tom Forrester and I bought it at The Wheel Thing (the same place I got my Noste, btw) The rovings are Blue Faced Leicester dyed by Spunky Eclectic.


  1. Just tell Shmulik that yarn is cheaper than shoes. That excuse almost always works for me.

  2. Hi Sophia! My mom was up for the weekend to help me package up everything and we were very careful to not let your yarn anywhere near the kitties. We kept it outside until it was packaged, so I hope you don't have any problems! Let me know if you do and I'll take further steps!

    glad you like everything!