Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cover Girl!

I would like to present the new face of the Yarn over Manhattan blog... (drumroll)

Please welcome the lovely Gina Stangl!

I've been looking for a hat/scarf photo model for a while, and quite frankly, most of the mannequin heads I've seen have been _way_ to creepy for my taste! This girl is the perfect combo of practicality and glamour for me!

Having barely a moment to take a breath after being unwrapped from a coccoon of bubble wrap and a frenzy of styrofoam peanuts (don't worry, I recycle), Gina is immediately thrown into the limelight with her first photo shoot!

Here is Gina modelling Odessa (pattern found at the amazingly talented Grumperina's website...Grumperina is my hero! She is seriously inspiring!)

I love knitting hats, so I'm sure Gina will be sporting the next season's coifs soon!


  1. I love Gina - she is great!!

  2. hello there,
    i came across your blog via the sock club KAL. i'm a violist and for a brief time, i went to MSN and played in a quartet with your friend shmuel, but that was back when he played the violin and he went by shmuelik. anyhow, i just wanted to say hello. a knit blogging classical musician is hard to find. nice socks, by the way.