Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some Tour Pics

Warning: no knitting content :)
Here are some pictures from the Korea Tour I went on:

The food was good (and very spicy!), but the translations were sometimes weird..."Fork Velly" (Pork Belly) gave us all a giggle:

The streets were lined with food cart after food cart - occasionally seperated by a stand selling sunglasses and hair bling.

One of my favorite meals: huge dumplings submerged in a spicy simmering casserole of mushrooms, beef and greens.

Again, bling seemed quite popular over there, as you can see from these gowns (there was a whole block of shops with glittery dresses like these).

I'm glad I got to go out a little, but this was a working tour, after all. One of our rehearsals with violin soloist Sarah Chang was filmed by a Korean TV crew. She's playing Vivaldi's "Four Seasons", which we are recording with her this week.

A little heads up: I nearly forgot, but my Blogiversary is on Thursday! I will definitely be having a contest then! Stay tuned...


  1. Did you buy a dress? Seeing so many at once, I quite like it. Not that I ever would wear one or even need one, but sometimes it's nice to look at them. So that's what a rehearsal looks like. I like Vivaldis "Four Season" have it on CD, I think with Sophie Mutter (did I spell that right?).

  2. Oh, I so love your pics, thanks so much for sharing them - it felt a bit like having been on that trip with you! How exciting! These dresses look awesome by the way! I don't have an idea at all when I could wear just one of these, but just looking at these lovely colors and styles is a feast for the eyes!

  3. Sounds like a very interesting trip. Thanks for sharing your pictures.