Friday, May 25, 2007

First Blogiversary!

Yeay! I made it to my first Blogiversary!!! (To be fair, it was yesterday, but after 8 hours in the recording studio, I had no energy to blog. Incidentally, this marks the first time I've ever used my Adobe Photoshop for anything other than cropping and red-eye, I'm lazy.)

Okay, the fun part! BLOGIVERSARY CONTEST!

Leave me a comment answering this question that my bf came up with:

If every ball of yarn came with a prize in the middle, what would you want that prize to be?

Prize #1: 2 skeins of Claudia's Handpainted in "Pink Posey"

Prize#2: Opal Rainforest in "Parrot"

Prize #3, #4 and #5: Sockblocker keychain with mini sock pattern

Good Luck!


  1. A coupon for another free skein or ball of the same yarn. (It seems I can never get enough yarn) ;o)
    Happy blogiversary!!! I'm glad I found your blog, don't remembe how I did. Hope to have you around blogland for many more years!

  2. to-die-for chocolate or cash for more yarn, of course! Happpy Blogiversary!

  3. hmm...maybe a piece of gum? That would be fun. Happy blogiversary, or as my good friend Kate likes to say, blorthday.

  4. Happy Blog-iversary! Tough question... my first impulse would be chocolate, though "realistically" (okay, LOL, let's pretend this is a realistic fantasy), chocolate isn't a great idea because it might melt and that could get ugly. I thought of gum too (I think it's the pink yarn in the post!), but same problem. And they're not going to put a gold coin, or free yarn voucher in there. Maybe a nice stitch marker? Or stitch holder? (the good kind!). Maybe a nice tea to sample? Or maybe it could just be like a fortune cookie, with some encouraging words directed at you and your knitting. I'd love to find a little slip of paper that says "Your knitting looks lovely, and so do you."
    Of course... I'm not opposed to finding a bit of gold. ;)

  5. jeannette4:14 PM

    happy blogiversary ! i would like an organza ribbon with some sort of knitting inspiration. sort of like a fortune cookie , only knitterly...." you have achieved perfect tension" or " this sweater makes you look tall", then you could sew it on or to your knitted piece and have good knit mojo.

  6. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Happy Blogiversary! I was just going to drop by just to say congratulations on your 1st year, but the contest question pricked my imagination. Hmmm... something small that could fit in the middle of the yarn. Well, that leaves H&S knitting needles out. Chocolate is a good idea, too. But I will have to say a one-of-a-kind stitch marker in each ball/hank of yarn. I think those would be fun to collect and blog about.
    Punkin at

  7. Happy blogiversary!

    That's an interesting question. Tea might be good - I'd say chocolate, but I think miss ewe is right that it might melt. Maybe a nice bead or button?

  8. congrats on one year in blogland!

    i think every skein of yarn should have a golden ticket entitling the bearer to another skein or two of yarn! hey, this is a fantasy question, right?! so why can't i get MORE YARN?!

    yes, more yarn!

    happy blogiversary!

  9. happy blogiversary!

    my first thought was white cake with vanilla icing. now, i know you could never put cake in the middle of a skein of yarn, but i happen to love cake and would like a little sweet treat for actually finishing off a whole skein! is that so wrong? : )

  10. A puppy!

    That would work, wouldn't it? If not, one of those sponge animals in the capsules that you put in water and it grows. I loved those when I was a small.

  11. Happy, happy blogiversary - and yay for many more great and entertaining blog entries!
    Now for the contest (I looove cntests ;) - hm... right now I would say a concert ticket for a Rammstein-show! Oy ;)

  12. Happy Anniversary!!!
    And as far as a skein, a no-tangle at the end of the ball charm!!!

  13. When I was a kid my mom tried to teach my sister and me to knit. As an incentive she carefully hand-wrapped the entire skein around a shiney new pound coin. Lot of money in those days. Of course as soon as we got wind of the prize at the end of the skein-bow, we unravelled the yarn and never did finish those pale yellow cotton scarves my mom had envisaged.

    Now if I found anything in the middle of my skein I wish it would be another happy memory.

    Happy Blogaversary!

  14. A test sample of another yarn, enough for a swatch, so that you can try something new without worrying if you like the fiber or not.

    My first thought was chocolate too. :D

    I love prizes 2-5, the keychain is really cute.

  15. Marisol5:49 PM

    Happy Blogaversary!

    The first thing that poppped into my head was $100.00 so that I could run and spend it on a nice outfit or more to die for yarn! All of these prizes are really nice! I am really liking the Claudia Handpainted --I don't think that I have seen this color before.

  16. Some dark, creamy chocolate to savor while knitting. Happy blogiversary!

  17. I think I'd like to find dark chocolate and coffee (good taste and caffeine are great for knitting). Happy blogiversary!