Friday, December 08, 2006

Shopaholic me

'Tis the season to shop a lot...

I splurged and got 3 more monster hats by Jacey of Insubordiknit.

I'm using this pic of this monster trio as my Eye Candy Friday!

...and a Namaste Vintage knitting bag...complete with needle holders...

...and some insanely pricey and gorgeous Tilli Thomas yarn...very Xmassy, no?


  1. Wow, so many goddies! The yarn looks delicious and the bag, envy much?! ;o)
    The baby hat looks cute too. Is it as soft as it looks? I like moss stitch, I did a baby blanket once for my daughter. It takes forever though.

  2. Awww, yummy - all these goodies! I totally love the monster hats, they rock big time! And the bag seems to be the perfect one, with space enough to hold everything a knitting girl needs - perfect! And the yarn is to die for, especially the turquoise one - looking forward to seeing what you're going to make with it!

  3. Great buys! The monsters are too cute. Welcome to the Musicians Who Knit and Crochet Webring! :)


  4. Dont you just love that TILLI THOMAS Yarn! I love your trinket bag, great job. I also have the same Namaste bag in rose and I absolutely love it. Enjoy your stuff and Happy New Year.