Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Mad Hatter Lives Here

I hope you all had a wonderful and festive holiday!

I am writing from the windy and friggin' cold Bay Area, where I am visiting my folks. You can always tell who the tourists are here, because they are the ones wearing shorts, freezing off their bums in foggy San Francisco. Be forewarned; not all of California is warm all the time.

Before I left NYC, I finished one of the monster hats from Insubordiknit. This one got sent to Sweden as a gift. I have a feeling it will make my friend stand out like crazy.

Okay, I've tried knitting other things, but the fact is, I LOVE knitting and crochetting hats more than anything else, and well...I caved into my addiction these past few days...

L to R: modified crochetted Ribbed Newsboy Hat : (no brim, flower attached) with Lorna's Laces Worsted, another one (because my Mom wanted it) using Malabrigo, and finally a knitted brimmed hat from Stitch Diva patterns using cashmere yarn I got at School Products in NYC (a place you all must visit if you're in the city).
The scarf is some simple basket weave pattern I winged; the yarn is Jade cashmere. Soooooooo soft!

Finally, I got to visit the famous yarn store Imagiknit in S.F. This place was huge! Good sale section too! (not just some pathetic basket of tangled scary yarn hiding in the corner like some places...) I was really happy to see they carried absolutely everything; pretty much the whole range of needles and yarn out there. Really friendly and knowledgeable salespeople too. No snooty types here! Yeay Imagiknit!

The Damage: 2 skeins of Royal Alpaca (the multicolored on the left), Malabrigo (first time I got to see this stuff live; I love it), and some Colonial Rosewood needles.

Okay, I'm going back to some meditative Ballband Dishcloth knitting (Mom wants those too).


  1. I went to Imagiknit back in March for the first time and did serious damage. Did you by chance check out the Samovar Tea Room kitty corner from the yarn shop? They have great food. Nice stash enhancement and great hats!

  2. First off, great hats! I like them all, but especially the monster hat! My colors! ;o) The scarf is lovely too, cashmere is just the best. I like your stash enhencement too and I've got some 4.5mm Rosewood needles a short time ago. I'm knitting the Noro Blanket with them. Love them!
    My daughter's in the San Francisco area to visit with friends right now. Have a nice time with your family! And thanks for your comments on my Vertigo! ;o)

  3. You knit some of the most interesting things! I love the monster hat! And nice new stash, too.

  4. Wow, your hats rock big time - no wonder that you enjoy it so much to make them, you're the queen of hat-knitters! And they all look so great, the monster one is totally funky and cool, and the others you did are very gorgeous too!
    That yarn store in SF sounds like paradise, and what a great haul! Can't wait to see what you're doing with that yarn - hm, let me guess... knitting hats? ;) Or a similarly beautiful scarf like the one you did?