Saturday, June 21, 2008

Still Playing Catch-up

Since my return to NYC, I've been scrambling to find the time to catch my breath. First I took yet another audition (this was for a neighboring opera house to where I currently work): I did better this time, making it to the finals. There were 4 finalists in all, and between 250-300 people who took the audition from around the world, so I'm not feeling too bad about losing.

Taking auditions is definitely a marathon ordeal! Once you get there, there is a lot of sitting, waiting to be assigned a practice room, finishing your snacks and getting hungry, trying to stay focused while being surrounded by other auditioners, waiting for results between rounds... It's really exhausting, and it can take hours (the last day, I got out at 8pm. I had been there since 2pm, and was there the day before as well.)

After that was over, I thought, great, I'll have some free time now... and then I caught a nasty cold. I've finally gotten over the cold, and have been practicing like a madwoman for an upcoming chamber music concert.

The knitting has been sparse, but here is a pair of socks I knit for my mother as her get-well present after her knee replacement surgery. Thank you everyone for your kind words for my mom's recovery:

"Lotus" by Robyn Gallimore
yarn: 2 skeins Lorna's Laces in "Periwinkle"
mods: didn't like how the original cuff curled, so picked up stitches and added ribbing,
finishing with a tubular bind off.

closeup of the "lotus" stitch pattern

Well, otherwise, I missed my blogiversary (argh!), so I will be putting together a contest soon!

Not to be an enabler but Knitpicks is having their 40% off all books sale again!

Off to catch up on blog reading!


  1. Hi Sophia! You did it again! You should get a medal for best commenter on earth! :o)
    I hope you'll get the job, after such a hard time auditioning. I never think that once you have a job, you still have to practice. Your moms socks are wonderful, such a difficult stitch pattern! I love the color you choose. Wish you the best, and hopefully more time to knit, if that's what you want! :o)

  2. Glad to see you back again. You need lots of rest and relaxation after all of your auditions :)

    My middle son saw Ernani back in the beginning of April and was quite impressed. It was a field trip to NYC with his band class.

    Your mother's socks are beautiful. I bet she adores them :)

    happy knitting :)

  3. The socks are beatiful and I really like the color!

    That is awesome that you made it to the final four, even if you didn't get the job, that is a great accomplishment. I'm glad to hear that the cold is now behind you. I hope it wasn't that one that's been going around with that nasty cough. Summer colds are the worst.

    Good Luck at the upcoming chamber concert!

  4. I'm finally catching up on reading my favorite blogs and was happy to see you had a new post. As always, your knitting is inspirational. And congrats on making it to the finals!