Friday, November 24, 2006

All Gobbled Up!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Many thanks to Colleen the Subway Knitter
for posting about this pattern on her blog. She gives the link to the free pattern, but just in case, it's here. There are other fun animal, seasonal, etc. knitted cloth patterns there too!

I added 3 rounds of single crochet to firm up the edges and stuck a loop on the corner so I can hang this in the kitchen. Oh, and this took less than one skein of Sugar n' Cream...and about 1 and 1/2 hours to knit while watching the James Bond Marathon on TV. Sean Connery is definitely my fave 007!

Okay, this is totally lace with training wheels (worsted weight yarn with size 10 needles), but I'm trying Fiber Trends Leaf Lace Shawl.

I recall making a rectangular scarf with the same leaf pattern here.


  1. Bring on the training wheels! Lace Leaf looks great so far! And cute turkey...

  2. That's a pretty fancy loop on that washcloth! I just do a single chain crochet!

  3. Nice washcloth there! Lace knitting is so much fun and my first triangle shawl was worsted weight also. It will be done in no time! ;o)

  4. What a lovely washcloth this is, amazing pattern! And my, I so love the beginnings of your scarf, this is going to be a real piece of art! Yay for lace knitting - just knit and see, you'll be addicted soon! ;)

  5. I need lace training wheels too! I still haven't tried it - I have the yarn (lace weight!) and books (ok just one book) and still haven't found the nerve. Please let me know how it goes!