Saturday, September 23, 2006

Too busy

With rehearsals in the afternoon and concerts in the evening every day this past week, I've barely had any time to do anything in the knitting arena...heck, I've barely been at home!

Managed to finally finish two more kimonos from Mason-Dixon Knitting... The purple one is made with Blue Sky Alpaca cotton, and the off-white one is Katia Diana (Acrylic, polamide, viscose, 13% angora). Both machine washable, but I'm nervous about the ribbons...I was obsessive enough to sew down the ends, so we'll see.

Pic of them in the last stages of drying...

Okay, knitting baby stuff was really cute and fun, but I need a bit of a break and want a very fast, instant-gratification knit, so I'm going to make a lengthwise scarf out of this fella, spun by Insubordiknit. I like funky one of a kind things, and this yarn fits the bill perfectly. (The actual colors are more dark and saturated than pictured)


  1. Looks like an interesting yarn to knit with! How many sts do you have to cast on for a lengthwise scarf?
    E.Z's dicky's are on my to do list as well. I like the idea, seem very practical. Did you have problems knitting them? Any hints?

  2. Hey, you say you haven't done much knitting, but then show such amazing FOs! ;) These little kimonos are so absolutely cute, I really, really love their design as well as the colors you used! Awesome!
    And that yarn looks highly interesting indeed, I'm very curious to see what you're going to make out of it and how it's gonna knit up!