Sunday, September 10, 2006

To wash or not to wash for Baby...

...I is an aerial shot of drying...(blanket is elsewhere)

I have always washed my knitted/crochetted gifts because it seems the nice thing to do. However, I recently encountered an issue with baby knits. The recipients of the first set of knitted baby gifts informed me that although I washed the items with Woolite, they would need to be re-washed with a special soap. It's kind of a bummer because I won't get to see the baby modelling the items for a little while. So this time, I washed everything in the baby detergent Dreft. I discussed this with several mommies, and it seems to be the safest option. Also, I was told that parents are always more careful about cleanliness with their first child, and that they become less worried with subsequent children. This crochet set is going to a baby #3.

Oh, and I made acorn booties. Just couldn't resist.

Thank you everyone for your nice comments in the past couple of posts; these were my first baby items and I was nervous :)


  1. That acorn set is really too cute!

  2. Of course I don't have a clue on how cleanly washed baby items really have to be - having no kids, this isn't something I've ever thought of. But thanks so much for telling about it - as soon as any of my friends will get pregnant, of course I'll be knitting baby items too, and it's good to know how to wash/clean them before giving them away!