Friday, November 02, 2007

Longest Project Ever

Finally!!! I'm finished with these Gentleman's Lozenge Socks!!!!!
These sat around in various stages of unfinished-ness for over a year and a half. (I'm so embarrassed to admit that...) The fact that my parents visited last week gave me the much needed momentum to finally finish these for my father. They fit, they looked great and he loved them!

Just to repeat some specs:
needles: size 0 (never again! took forever and cramped my hands!) addi 47". Knit 2-at-once, top down.
yarn: 3 skeins of Lorna's Laces Sock in "Cedar". I started the 3rd skein halfway through the toes, so there is a lot of yarn leftover. Men's size 11.5 and everything. The frugal yarn scrooge in me is crying.

I went on a mini-tour with an orchestra. 2 days of conforming my posterior to the shape of a bus seat. I finished this Odessa the first day (apologies for cell phone pic here):
Turned out a bit smaller than my other Odessas, but this was for a young girl who happens to detest anything remotely "scratchy", so Rowan Calmer yarn was a good choice for her.

The next day, I started to knit the "slouchy" version of Ysolda Teague's Gretel. I guess I was going through a Rowan phase; I used some Kid Classic for this hat.
I learned a great technique from this pattern: stocking stitch tubular cast-on. I had done tubular cast-ons before, but they required knitting and slipping alternating stitches for 4 rows. This was was so much easier, and it looks the same!

A little story about this hat: I happened to have this project with me at the reception of the orchestra's Carnegie Hall concert, and I ran into the famous knitwear designer and cable specialist, Melissa Leapman! (never leave home without your knitting!) I was having some trouble with a wonky cable stitch and she was generous enough to help me out. I must've looked ridiculous standing there in my black formal concert gown, balancing a glass of champagne while struggling to pull out a half-knit hat from the dark recesses of my purse. I'm sure people thought I was crazy, but it was worth it!


  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    The Gentlemen's Lozenge socks are very attractive. I really like that pattern, and you chose beautiful yarn for them. I can imagine your Dad was very happy with them.

    The hats are beautiful. You did a beautiful job on Odessa. The beads really set it off. I like tams and berets, and Gretel is gorgeous. I would like to knit that one, too.

    I liked hearing about how you met Ms. Leapman at the reception. That is so great!

  2. all your projects look great! it is much better to finish a project a little bit late rather than never! : )

  3. I can see why your dad liked the socks,they look great. Who cares how long it took, at least you DID finish them! ;o) The Odessa hat is sweet, and the blue one gorgeous! What a wonderful story about the hat!

  4. Good for you sticking with those Gentleman's Lozenge socks for they really are beautiful. They look like a very tiny knit and must be such slow knitting.

    Your beaded odessa hat is gorgeous. I really need to try knitting with beads...someday!

    Your cabled tam is absolutely beautiful. I love your story of how you got help from a famous knitwear designer in your evening wear and with champagne to boot. This hat(and story) is truly special :)

    happy knitting :)

  5. Gosh! GOSH!!! You're doing the most amazing knitwork, did you know that? Really, your FOs this time were a feast for the eyes (this doesn't mean that your other FOs aren't ;) !
    I'm totally impressed by the socks, what an absolutely stunning pattern! You know, there's so many sock patterns around by now that it's hard to find something really unique that one hasn't seen in various forms or shapes before. But this Gentleman's sock pattern is certainly a totally unique one, one that I haven't ever seen in this form before! Absolutely beautiful - and mind you, I will *so* have to get that book!
    Your Odessa is so gorgeous too, but the "slouchy" Gretel tops it all - awesome! Absolutely awesome, really! Actually, I've never worn a tam or a beret before, but seeing yours makes me want to cast on for one (and then wear it proudly!) immediately!
    Fantastic work, my friend!

  6. Great socks!
    I have to say, the very first pair I attempted about 3 years ago is still sort of lurking. I knit it way too loose and wound up with a giant sock. I love the yarn, though, so I'm determined to get back to it someday.

  7. Beautiful those lozenge socks, really beautiful. And I love your Odessa. Gretel is well, Gretel... you made a very attractive one.

  8. Wow, alot of nice projects, the socks look awesome, and like the other commenter said better late then never. I really like the beads on the hat and the cables on the second hat. They are all gorgeous.