Monday, June 18, 2007

Trying it again...

WARNING: Lots of Fiber Tool Pr0n...

Getting inspired by Monika, I figured I should give spinning another try. I think last time, I got very impatient with the whole inch-worm/park-and-draft stuff, and sort of...well...gave up.
I de-stashed (and then bought more) Spunky Eclectic fibers (pictured is Corriedale), and got a good spinning book.
And then...I caved and bought this Cascabeles Spindle to add to my Forrester and to the small No-Name spindle (waaay to light for me, whatever it is).
They fit really well in this crochet hook holder I made for myself a while back. I think it would be good to use for knitting needles too, if it were taller.

Closeup of my crochet collection: a few are Brittany Walnut, but the others are Graydog Woodenware which I painstakingly collected over several years. Their stuff is really gorgeous, but the bidding wars can get fierce. (As with all auctions, you have to practice self-control and know when to walk away. Which will happen a lot...)

...and finally...
I need some help! I don't know what to make with this! I got two grab bags at a really steep discount, thinking there would be lots of colors that wouldn't go with each other. Then these showed up and the colors match really well! It's machine wash, so I was thinking baby stuff (I need to get crankin' for 2 summer babies). However, that would leave a lot leftover. There are 1,520 yds all together. Any ideas? I've considered a blanket or a sweater, but otherwise, I'm totally stumped!


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful Opal yarn! I'm so sorry I couldn't remember your blog! (Stupid me, you're on my blogroll, but I just couldn't remember exactly which one!)

    You really made my day, you know!

    Oh, a blogger friend of mine has a really cute pattern for a knitted snake with different colors. I've found that to be a wonderful way to use up some of that extra yarn.

  2. Awww! That's some goodie yarn that you got - I adore these colors, they'll look so great knitted up together! If I remember correctly, I saw a really cute multicolored sweater someplace not long ago - let me have a look if I can find the pattern again, and if I do, I'll send it to you - perhaps that'll be something you'd like to make with this yarn?
    Love your new blog-design by the way!

  3. Mabye Log Cabin Baby blankets?

  4. Oops, I thought the fiber was a seperate post. Wonderful pictures of your spindles, I just love them! And Amy's fiber, such a nice color! How is your spinning coming along?